Regional  Genetic  Diversity

that’s what we’re all about at Old Landing Farm in Lee County, Kentucky.

We run a closed herd of DNA Certified Spanish Goats. Baylis bloodline exclusively. For 500 years, the Baylis have been surviving — and thriving! — in wet, humid conditions that should rightly kill animals that came to this country from Mediterranean Europe. But the Baylis are healthy, hardy, with incredible parasite resistance and no hoof problems even on moist river bottom silt like ours. We’ve partnered with the Livestock Breed Conservancy and the Spanish Goat Conservation Society to preserve these goats that have been a part of the American Southeast since the Spanish Conquistadors. You can be a part, too. We’ll help you with a Baylis “starter” herd or perhaps a Certified buck to add the enviable Baylis genetic attributes to your existing goat operation.